The Ceramic Face

Greek Knock off, SOLD

Glazed bisque ready to fire

Long Tall Cats, SOLD

Contemplating the glazing process

Finished work, SOLD

Get Ahead

Election results

Election results

Election Results

Baby Elephant #1, SOLD


Baby Elephant #2, SOLD

The bird, SOLD


Artful Lion, SOLD

Raw clay drying

Life size ceramic Austrio Pithicus, SOLD

Raw Clay pots (hand made) drying

Glazed bowl

Glazed Ceramic items

Bowls for Silent Auction

Evelyn’s bowl design, 9 1/2 inches

Evelyn’s bowl design

Raw clay drying

3/4 size ceramic door stop head.

Norman's Clay & Ceramic Creations

Another bit of fun, molding clay & making sculptures. So far all of my ceramic pieces are handmade, not thrown. But, just for fun, I’ll give the wheel a try. Half the fun is the molding and shaping of the raw clay. The other half is ‘painting’ the colorful glaze designs, that when re-fired make ceramic art so striking and attractive.