Most aspiring artists exhibit and show off at every opportunity.
This is a list of my high points of public art exhibitions.

Most of my work is signed and dated twice, sometimes more.
Generally my signatures are embedded or hidden within the drawing’s image, rather than big and bold at the bottom.
I’ve been signing my drawings with “NBean” and the date since 1970.
Can you find them?

Roman Forum

Florence, Italy.
Santa Maria del Fiore
Brunelleschi’s Dome
with the Baptistery on right

Florence, Italy
Palazzo Vecchio at the Piazza della Signoria

Antique Motor Rally in Lucca, Italy

On the way to Siena

In the Vatican plazza

Michelangelo’s Dome in St Peter’s Basilica
in the Vatican, Rome Italy

The Dove of Peace
carved alabaster window in
St Peter’s Basilica
the Vatican, Rome, Italy

Pencil on Paper, About the Artist

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